Can You Relate to My Philosophy?

I believe that those struggling with addiction are not bad people.

We are not people with no resolve, no will-power, and no character. We are simply highly sensitive and creative people trying to survive. And our addictions helped us … until they didn’t.

Then we sought a better way.

My guess is that you are a wildly intelligent, successful, courageous person. You have huge dreams and amazing aspirations. You don’t flat-line life. You are an explorer. You are a risk taker.

Yes, sometimes those risks have led to chaos. But it’s through the recovery journey that you will eventually find peace and meet your true self.

It may not feel like it, but you are in the perfect place of discovery as you dive into REALLY living … living without a band-aid of bulimia, an anesthetic of alcohol, or any other creative coping mechanisms in place.


Hello! I am Lori Losch

I’m simply a sensitive soul who has finally broken free from the addiction cycle. A combination of psychedelic plant medicines, the 12-steps and other programs of recovery, community, faith, and perseverance have paid off in spades. Having 10 years of freedom under my belt feels like heaven on earth after living the hell of addiction. Now, life is full of maturing in faith, coaching, hiking, loving, and serving to the best of my abilities.

Writing is a hobby and a vehicle I use to get my ideas on paper. I’ve had the pleasure of publishing two kids books (“Bumbles…saves Naipoki!” and “Bumbles…finds her way home!”) and three adult non-fiction books (“The Soul of Success” with Jack Canfield and my own books, “Safe Souls: Transforming Relationships Through the Power of Kind, Clean & Clear Communication” and “Rather than Rehab: Quit Bulimia & Upgrade Your Life.”) Since life didn’t give me the opportunity to have real babies, my creations help fill that void.

I love fabric arts, reading, CrossFit, skiing, motor-biking, contemporary architecture, horses, snuggling with my little rescue mutt Tessa, and growing in my relationship with Jeshua. 


Would You Like a Better Relationship with Food, Your Body, Yourself?

Are you ready to break up with bulimia, alcoholism, and/or your other addictions, for real?

Has your love affair with the addiction cycle finally run its course, but quitting has been impossible?

Even scary? Or do you simply not know where to turn? Rather than Rehab can help.

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